Collection: DGA Vortex

DGA  Vortex - Catrina Allen First Flight20 Artist Proofs

Speed 7/Glide 6 /Turn-2/Fade 1

Catrina Allen Limited Edition Proto Driver – DGA made huge moves this off-season, none bigger than the signing of 2x and Reigning World Champion Catrina Allen. One of the first things DGA did for Cat is create a brand new mold just for her, the Vortex. It is an understable 7 speed that is perfect for the hyzer flip shot that Catrina is known for. The Catrina Allen Vortex sits very comfortably in the hand and can be thrown on both fan and power grips. When thrown hard it will pan to the right before slowly making its way back to flat. Grab a Catrina Allen Vortex today!!!